Rug Buying Guidelines - We recommend the following buying tips to better your rug purchase experience.

  • Buy your rugs one room at a time. Start with larger room size area rugs first, and then proceed to smaller accent size area rugs.

  • Consider the purpose of your rug, decorative use, and functional use, high or low traffic. Establishing the purpose will help with determining the size and type of rug.

  • Think about the mood or style that you would like in a rug. For example, a rug with an old world theme that you would see in an old castle, something classic but not too fussy referred to as transitional, something dressy that has a formal look, or something with a casual comfy look. This is similar deciding what kind of outfit to wear when going to an event.

  • If you are a rug lover and are certain of your likes/dislikes, select your rug first then the furnishings for the room. If you already own the furnishings for your room, or the rug is going to be used as the finishing touch for the room, select the main items for the room first, and then select the rug.

  • Buying a rug is a very personal and emotional decision. It is similar to buying other artwork. Buy the rug that you Love!

  • Do not create financial limitations for yourself during the initial selection process. Use the price to narrow your selection.

  • Provide as much information as you can to the person that you are buying from. A professional reputable dealer will recommend a suitable rug to you. Long term rapport with customers is important to reliable stores.

  • The right hand-knotted rug will become a cherished family artifact. Plan ahead and enjoy the buying experience.

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