Recommended Sizes for Primary Areas of Use - The following recommended sizes are based on some of the most common areas to use area rugs. If you are still puzzled by what size rug to consider for your rooms, please visit Oriental Rugs By Appointment for assistance.

Conversation areas:

  • 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, and larger size rugs to be used as the platform staging area for the room. The scale of these sizes will help balance other elements focal points in your rooms, such as large fireplace, windows, wall units, and larger scale furniture groupings. Open arm chairs, motion furniture, and ottomans work best when placed fully on the rug. Room size rugs also help define conversation groupings specially in Great Room setting.

  • 4x6, 5x8, 6x9, and Round and Square shapes are considered accent sizes. These sizes are mostly used to create a focal point, add color, and decorative element for the room. In rectangular shapes the length of the rug is placed parallel to the length of the larger furniture piece in most cases.

Eating areas:

  • Number of chairs, shape of the room, and shape of the table determine the rug size. Typically at least 18 to 24 inches of rug is recommended beyond the back legs of the chairs to allow for easy chair movement. In most cases 8x10 size can accommodate up to six chairs, 9x12 size up to eight chairs, and 10x14 size up to ten chairs. Larger round and square shaped rugs are increasingly popular as homes become more interesting architecturally and various shape dining tables are used. Focusing on how the eating area is mostly used is a good way to determining the size. Do not over estimate the rug size for the rare occasion that your table is extended and numbers of chairs used have increased.

Traffic areas:

  • Foyer entry - This is an area that customers are most challenged in determining the sizes. In this area functional aspects have to be combined with aesthetics aspect of the rug. Typically smaller size rug is placed at the entrance for practicality, and a larger size is used as focal point decorative element for the foyer. Shape, total volume of the space (open two story foyer), and available useable space determine the rug size. 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, short runners are mostly used at the entry. 5x8, 6x9, 8x10, and round and square shapes are mostly used as the focal point anchor for the foyer.

  • Hallway - Runners are mostly used for hallways. Most hand-knotted runners are about 30 inches wide to use in hallways that are about 44 to 60 inches wide. The lengths of hand-knotted oriental rugs typically start at 6 feet long and increase in two feet increments. To determine the right size rug for your hallway, deduct about 12 inches from each end of the hallway. For extremely long hallways consider using two rugs to reduce the bowling alley effect. For hallways wider than 72 inches consider using wide runners or accent size rugs.


  • This is an area in the house where we spend at least third of our lives! The bed is the focal point for this room; therefore the rug needs to be complementary or secondary element to the bed and bedding ensemble. Rugs look best when placed in perpendicular direction to the bed. It is best to start the rug about 12 inches away from the nightstand for more pleasing visual impact. The idea is for the rug to be the platform for the bed creating an illusion that the bed is floating on the rug. For most master bedrooms we recommend larger room size rugs. Depending on room size and bed size, 9x12 should work for queen size beds and 10x14 or larger for king size beds. If you are limited on space consider using an 8x10 or 6x9 size at the foot of the bed where the footboard is placed on the rug. Scatter size accent rugs are used in bedrooms with space limitations, bedrooms with smaller scale antique furniture, and guest bedrooms. Wouldn't you want to take your first step of the day on something plush and luxurious!

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